John Cena’s feud with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. New actions of insiders

JOHN CENA has apologised for “violating” Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s trust after years of bad blood between the two WWE legends.

The Rock, 51, became one of the most recognisable faces on the planet during the WWE Attitude Era days in the 1990s.

John Cena has apologised to his long-time foe Dwayne Johnson

John Cena has apologised to his long-time foe Dwayne Johnson

He then left full-time wrestling to make the transition to the silver screen and became Hollywood’s highest-earning actor.

That opened up room in the wrestling business for a new superstar to emerge, and Cena took that opportunity with both hands in the 2000s.

But when the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment returned to WWE in 2011 one of the most memorable feuds of all-time began – and the tension was very real.


John Cena and The Rock's rivalry was fuelled by real-life bad blood

John Cena and The Rock’s rivalry was fuelled by real-life bad blood

Back 13 years ago it was the Leader of the Cenation who was undoubtedly top dog in the wrestling business.

Already a multi-time world champion, Cena had faced and beaten almost every top star in the business.

However, away from the ring, he had publicly criticised The Rock for leaving behind the squared circle and ditching his fans to pursue a career as an actor in Hollywood.

The Rock came back to WWE in 2011 and was announced as host for WrestleMania – but he instantly took aim at Cena’s remarks, starting the unforgettable rivalry.

After a confrontation between the pair and being hit with the Attitude Adjustment by Cena, Rock then cost his rival the WWE Title in the Mania main event to The Miz.

The very next evening on Monday Night Raw the pair agreed to a match.

But it would not be until the main event of the following year’s WrestleMania.

The icons had two epics WrestleMania main event matches

The icons had two epics WrestleMania main event matches


After teaming up at Survivor Series in November, the build-up to their showdown swang into gear with months of verbal jousting and humiliating insults.

The Rock then beat Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII in an event that broke the record for the biggest professional wrestling pay-per-view buyrate.

The Great One then promised to go on and become WWE champion again.


The Rock beat CM Punk at the Royal Rumble in 2013 to reclaim the championship but he was soon confronted by a familiar face.

Seeking revenge for the previous year’s disappointment, Cena challenged his arch-nemesis to a rematch at WrestleMania 29 for the title.

The heat between the pair continued for weeks in the build-up with lots more personal insults traded.

However, this time it would be Cena who had his hand raised to become champion again.

The Rock agonisingly tore his abdominal and adductor tendons from his pelvis during the bout and was forced to undergo surgery.

John Cena has followed The Great One into Hollywood

John Cena has followed The Great One into Hollywood


Cena, while still making appearances in WWE, was becoming more-and-more popular worldwide and soon Hollywood was knocking on his door.

He became part-time in WWE as he made huge strides in the movie industry, starring in comedies such as Trainwreck, Blockers and Daddy’s Home as well as Transformers spin-off Bumblebee.

And he even followed in his former rival’s footsteps by appearing in the Fast and Furious franchise, F9.


Over the years since, both men have made sporadic returns to WWE and praised each other since their two epic battles.

Cena even came to the rescue of Rock at WrestleMania 32 when the Bryatt Family were about to attack after the latter had beaten Erick Rowan in just six seconds.

And, just last month, Rock made a shock comeback to WWE after four years away to lay the smack down on Austin Theory.

Cena is also currently back wrestling amid the Hollywood actor strikes and the pair were involved a heartwarming exchange backstage.

“Welcome home,” Cena told The Rock.

To which the smiling icon responded: “Good to be here.”


Cena teamed up with LA Knight to beat The Bloodline at last weekend’s Fastlane pay-per-view event and attended the post-show press conference.

And when asked what he would say if a current star criticised him for going Hollywood in the same way he did The Rock, the 46-year-old admitted that he had got it totally wrong all those years ago.

He said: “I 100% see and understand that perspective and if you’ve been following what I’ve tried to do, especially as of late, both publicly and personally to Dwayne Johnson, I’ve stated that, although I thought I was trying to do what’s best for business, I went about it the wrong way.

“I violated his trust and I made allegations about his perspective that I knew nothing about. And deep down, I was a fan. I wanted The Rock back. I wanted to do anything to get The Rock back, but I did it the wrong way, I didn’t do it the respectful way.

“I had to eat a little bit of crow. I had to say ‘I’m sorry and I was wrong,’ because I am sorry and I was wrong, and that’s a very humbling experience.”

Cena continued: “Dwayne is a hell of a guy. We had a conversation. We’ve grown.

“I was able to welcome him home, which was like a full true circle moment.”

Cena then added: “You’re right when you say people now say I became who I despised. I see that perspective and I understand it.

“It’s very difficult for people who are all into the WWE universe to see anything else that goes on but here. But we all have our own struggles, we all live our own lives.

“It was a great learning experience from my mistake with feuding with The Rock.”

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