Karrueche Tran sells photos on OnlyFans, causing fans to wonder about the Hollywood actress: “Is she having economic or love difficulties?”

Tran says her latest foray into foot fetishes is a “smart play,” not a sign of turbulent economic times.

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Karrueche Tran is officially selling feet pictures on OnlyFans, prompting many to joke about our crumbling economy. Tran, however, says she’s simply making a “smart play” by entering the feet pic market.

The 35-year-old actress recently shared a link to her OnlyFans page, which is simply titled Karrueche’s Feet, alongside a preview of what subscribers can expect. She’s been posting on OF for at least a month, but her latest post seems to have made more people aware of the page for the first time.

Karrueche’s foray into OnlyFans drew mixed responses, with some praising her for raking in additional income with minimal effort, while others questioned whether the icon is struggling for funds like the rest of us.

In a since-deleted tweet, Tran seemed to address claims that she was hurting for cash, saying that it was simply a good business decision based on the demands of the market.

“LOL at all the comments regarding OF. I’m not going broke.. just a smart play,” she wrote. “Foot fetish is the number one fetish in the world. There’s nothing sexual that will be on my page. It’s literally feet and if people are willing to pay, then what’s the problem.”

Tran received some pushback following her response, with people pointing out that satisying feet fetishes is still a form of sex work, despite her insistance that there’s “nothing sexual that will be on my page.”

It’s unclear why she deleted her response. She doesn’t seem to have promoted the page on her Instagram account, where she has 13.9 million followers compared to 729.3K Twitter/X followers. Tran might not have started selling feet pics because of the economy, but let’s be real the economy is in the pits right now. Do whatever you can, even if it means showing a few toes.

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