Gal Gadot plays the piano naked again, fans explode again.

We won’t see Gal Gadot as the updated Wonder Woman until next year when she stars alongside Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the Israeli actress is already proving her kickass skills in the Fast & Furious films, the upcoming crime drama Triple 9, and a new commercial for Gucci’s sandalwood-infused scent, Bamboo.

Gal Gadot - Lead

“Acting is my passion, so whatever I do, I try to enjoy it,” she told us when she called from the set of her new comedy Keeping Up with the Joneses, co-starring Isla Fisher and Jon Hamm, to chat about all things acting. Here, she reveals how events in her life have helped her nail each scene in latest gig for Gucci’s commercial, which you can see below.

She’s Always Been Racy

“Having been in the Fast & Furious franchise, I came prepared and I knew how to drive a stick. The best car I ever steered was an Aston Martin DB5, like the one Sean Connery drove as James Bond. It was elegant, sexy, and had so much character.”

Gal Gadot - Embed 1

She’s Not Afraid to Strip
“Playing the piano when I was younger came in handy for this scene. Also, wearing nothing felt like a celebration of femininity. I love the idea of seeing a woman be so free. It was very awkward because it’s not what I do on a daily basis. It was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but I feel comfortable with myself.”

She’s Into Activating Your Senses
“I wear perfume regularly. I don’t have a night perfume versus day perfume; I just wear what smells good on me. When I spray, I put it on my hand and neck.”

She’s a Thrill-Seeking Mama
“I do a lot of sword work and martial arts in Wonder Woman. I enjoy anything that gets my adrenaline going. In Israel I was a gym instructor in the army. Now that I’m a mother, I still enjoy it, but I like to make sure I’m safe.”

Gal Gadot - Embed 4

She’s Not Going into Politics
“I’m pretty bad at public speeches. I always get very excited and nervous, and it’s always spontaneous. If I’m prepared, I can tolerate the pressure.”

She’s Part of the Beyhive
“I was a dancer for 12 years. For this spot we did some tango. But if you really want me on the dance floor, play Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies,’ ‘Run the World (Girls),’ or ‘Diva.’”

Gal Gadot - Embed 3

She’s Stronger Than You Think
“I truly feel privileged and grateful that I have the opportunity to portray confident women, like Wonder Woman. Women are just so amazing. We have to be the best workers, the best wives, and in order to be able to do everything, it takes a lot.

She Has Badass Role Models, Too
“I met Kate Winslet on the set of Triple 9. We bonded immediately because she’s a mother and I’m a mother, and we both travel. She’s just so talented, and a good-hearted woman, funny woman. We talked about being moms. She said that no one has cracked the system yet, so we need to take every situation and work around it, again and again.”

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