You’ve probably been pronouncing Gal Gadot’s name wrong this whole time.

Hey, folks. This here is actress Gal Gadot. Perhaps you recognize her as the star and title character of the new Wonder Woman movie.

What you might not know is how to properly pronounce her last name.

Like, maybe you’ve been saying “guh-DOUGH” like a fancy person who speaks French and/or has read Waiting for Godot.

Or maybe you’ve said “guh-DOTT” or “GAH-dot” because you thought you were onto something.

Or maybe you just had no freakin’ clue.

Either way, the truth has been out there for a long time, you ignorant fools. Way back in March 2016, Gadot went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and have him a little pronunciation lesson.

That’s right!! The correct way to say her last name is actually “guh-DOTE” with a hard T at the end, not in that silly French way, because after all, Gadot is Israeli, not French.

She also said in the interview that her parents changed their last name from Greenstein to the Hebraized Gadot.


Terri Pous / BuzzFeed

It means riverbank in Hebrew!

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