Fans were surprised to learn Eminem’s real age. Can’t believe the number of candles on the legendary rapper’s birthday cake.

The star, real name Marshall Mathers, has been trending online as gobsmacked fans realise he’s in his fifties.

Eminem is celebrating his birthday today - he found fame 26 years ago

Eminem is celebrating his birthday today – he found fame 26 years agoCredit: Getty

Eminem pictured on stage in 2000

Eminem pictured on stage in 2000Credit: Getty

Eminem was named the top-selling hip hop artist of all time in 2021

Eminem was named the top-selling hip hop artist of all time in 2021Credit: Getty

“Eminem is 51. WTF” one said on X, formerly Twitter.

Another shared: “Well damn Eminem is 51. I feel old as cr**.”

And a third said: “51??? he looks like 35.”

Eminem gained mainstream popularity in 1999 following the release of his album, The Slim Shady LP.

The Superman rapper continued his rise in the rap charts and had his fair share of celebrity relationships – but has only ever tied the knot with one woman.

He was married to Kimberly “Kim” Scott from 1999 to 2001 and then again briefly in 2006.

In recent years they have remained on good terms and co-parent their kids.

Hình ảnh Ghim câu chuyện

They began dating in 1989 after meeting in high school, and friends said that the pair were meant for each other but ultimately life got in the way.

“Money is great, but it doesn’t make your husband stay at home with you,” Kim admitted during a 2007 interview.

“Or sleep in the same bed with you… Him being on the road and on tour… that was like the big one. I mean… constant infidelities, all the time.”

During Eminem and Kim’s relationship, they welcomed one daughter, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, who was born in his home city of Detroit, Michigan.

He is also the adopted father of their niece, Alaina, and Stevie Mathers, whom Kim welcomed with her ex-husband Eric Hartter but raised with Eminem.

Alaina opened up about going back to school on Hailie Jade’s podcast, saying: “I’m about to go back to esthetician school. It’s only a four-month program.

“I can learn how to do facials, makeup, waxing, all that kind of stuff. Why not further my education for four months?”

She now works as a beautician and Eminem walked her down the aisle last year.

Kim meanwhile has a teenage son Parker from a more recent relationship.

The Sun revealed exclusive photographs of Kim seen for the first time in five years earlier this month.

Last year, Eminem’s past feud with Christina Aguilera made fresh headlines after old clips of the rapper dissing the pop star circulated on TikTok.

The infamous feud started in 1999 when Christina commented on Eminem’s personal life during the MTV special, What A Girl Wants.

He is known for talking about his enemies in his songs – and Xtina soon felt this wrath.

Eminem pictured on the Warped tour in 1999

Eminem pictured on the Warped tour in 1999Credit: Getty

Eminem performs at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards

Eminem performs at the 2002 MTV Video Music AwardsCredit: Getty

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