Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia playing with tampons – how ironic!

The tennis legend, 42, posted a hilarious TikTok video of herself and daughter Olympia in which the kindergartner unwrapped tampons in the bathroom.  

As the video opens, Serena, in the foreground, asks her daughter what she’s playing with.

“What is that?” the 23-time grand slam title winner asks Olympia, who then replies, “A cat toy for Karma.”

“It’s a cat toy for our cat?” Serena hits back, smiling.

As Olympia continues to open more feminine products in the background, her mom looks on with her eyes wide open.

“Yoυ have some more cat toys? OK, let’s not, no, let’s not play with too many of those,” Serena says with a smile, before covering her face with the palm of her hand.

She later captioned the footage with the words “Who am I to steal her joy, it’s a Cat Toy!”

Despite Serena’s previously busy tennis career, the mother and daughter have a history of enjoying one another’s company — and frequently share the same style as well.

Serena Williams and daughter Alexis Olympia wear matching princess dresses in sweet Instagram photo | The Independent | The Independent

“She’s my little buddy,” Williams said at a panel in Aυgust, before the US Open. “We do everything together. We go on dates and it’s so cool because she likes everything I do except for tennis.”

Serena Williams & Daughter Named Co-owners of Women's Soccer Team

“She’s really fun. I see a lot of my personality in her and it’s just a great time to have her around now to see what I do on a daily,” Williams continued of her little one, who she shares with husband Alexis Ohanian.

Serena Williams Says Daughter Olympia Thinks Mom's Kids' Book Is About Her: 'It's Quite Funny'

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